Seminar offers rare, guaranteed investment opportunity

Asset Connect Management is among Toronto’s best-connected real estate investment firms and this Saturday it’s holding an investing seminar where, among other things, it will unveil a can’t-miss opportunity.

The April 5 seminar in downtown Toronto will feature an opportunity to buy units at a new state-of-the-art condo called the Woodsworth, which offers guarantees the likes of which Toronto investors rarely, if ever, see.

“Woodsworth is an extremely unique building and we’re selling this development at our event. The developer is guaranteeing the rent at fixed dollars per square foot, so the cash flow is guaranteed,” said Ryan Coyle, a real estate broker and founder of Connect Asset Management.

While the development is sure to be a resounding success for investors, especially those who manage to snag the best available units early, Coyle noted that there’s more to this development than cash flow.

“These units are cash flow positive, but when you’re buying in downtown Toronto you shouldn’t only be thinking about cash flow,” he said, “because I could go buy a unit in Windsor and have $500 positive cash flow, but that equals $6,000 in my pocket at the end of the year. If I buy in Toronto and my investment is appreciating 5% per year and I’m losing $500 a month, I make $30,000 at the end of the year versus $6,000. Everyone talks about cash flow—and we do, as well, because it’s nice to have—but it certainly isn’t the most important thing.”

Connect Asset Management mines its connections to find its investor clients some of those rare positive cash flowing properties like Woodsworth, but Coyle seems particularly excited about this project. In addition to the rental guarantee, Woodsworth will have three years of property management, a forecasted ROI of up to 38.9% including (11.2% excluding) capital appreciation during the first year alone, up to $3,078 positive cash flow, and up to $27,099 guaranteed yearly income.

The seminar will also feature some of Toronto’s heavyweight investors, including Brad Lamb, who will impart how to differentiate between good and great investments; Ben Myers, a Wall Street Journal and New York Times analyst, who will share his forecasts and projections; and Connect Asset Management’s own Matt Elkin, who has over 30 investment properties.

Connect Asset Management builds strategies for its clients predicted on timing, and through accruing equity it leverages those properties to buy more. Of course, timing is everything, and Connect identifies the optimal time to flow capital into more properties.

“We always represent the buyer and the investor but have incredible relationships based on the volume we do, so it gives us the opportunity to negotiate very unique deals for our clients because we can go into a building and guarantee a large volume of sales through our client and investor network,” said Coyle.

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